Information for Participants

At the end each iteration of the VXML program, the undergraduate participants should complete a poster, a written report, and give a talk about their VXML project. The talk will be given to the other VXML participants at a “Wrap Up” meeting to be held in early April. Details of each of these requirements can be found below.


At the “Wrap-Up” meeting, each group will be asked to give a 10 minute talk on their work. There will be 2-3 minutes after each talk for questions. The talk should be aimed at a general audience. It should introduce your project then cover the details of what you worked on and accomplished. The presentations should be given by the undergraduate members of your group and, ideally, each member of the group should have an opportunity to speak. We recommend practicing within your group before the Wrap-Up meeting.


Each group should produce a poster about their VXML project. The poster should be a large-format, single page PDF document. It should give a brief description of the project, highlight the work you completed, give details of challenges you faced, and discuss the techniques you used. Where possible, it should also include any visualizations which are relevant to your project. Finally, it should indicate any possible directions for future research.

The visual design of the poster is up to you, so be as creative as you want! The content from the poster will be used to update the project descriptions on the VXML website. You are free to use any tools you like to produce the PDF.

If you are a $\LaTeX$ user, Overleaf has a nice gallery of poster templates We have also prepared a couple of templates for you:

  • poster-1.pdf - A simple Beamer based poster.
  • poster-2.pdf - N.B. This template requires the use of a recent/Lua based $\LaTeX$ installation

The source files for both of these posters are included in the VXML template library. You can see examples of posters from previous successful VXML projects in the past projects section.

Final Report

Each group should collaborate to write a final report as a permanent record of what they did during their VXML project. A final (PDF) version will be linked to your project on the VXML website. Ideally the report should be written in either MarkDown or LaTeX format.

LaTeX and Markdown templates are available to help you format your report. Instructions for using these templates can be found in the documents in the download or you can read them on github. The report should be 3 or more pages in length and should be written in the style of a scientific article. You will be asked to submit the $\LaTeX$ or Markdown source of your report along with a PDF version. You can see examples of final reports from previous successful VXML projects in the past-projects section.